Wondershare Filmora9 : The Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Filmora9 Features and Price

Filmora9 is an excellent video editing software, especially for beginners as it has a simple user interface that lets you find the features and tools you need quite easily. It is designed for all video content creators, be it a beginner, an amateur or a professional. Spinning stories with videos is made easy and simple by Filmora9.

Although, despite its simplicity, it is anything but basic. It has more advanced and professional features such as green screen effects and layering. Apart from this, it also has audio editing features that help you enhance your video with suitable background music and sound effects.

This video editing software delivers when it comes to video quality. In today's world, almost everybody expects a video to be in 4K quality. With this video editing software, you can make sure that each and every frame of your video is crisp and of the best quality so that your viewers could enjoy it to the fullest.

Even though it is an advanced application, the pricing scheme of Filmora9 is quite budget-friendly. It has separate plans for individuals, businesses, educators and students, making it an attractive video editing software choice.

    A Quick Overview of the Benefits of Filmora9

    Complex Layering

    The best stories have different layers to them. That is something that Wondershare comprehends, which is the reason it has a vigorous layering feature. With Filmora9, you can have upwards of 100 layers of audio and video in your timeline. Thusly, you can include all the clips and video and audio cues you need. 

    Fast Video Rendering

    On the off chance that you ask any video editorial manager or creator, they will reveal to you that extended video processing times are one of their issues. That is on the grounds that while the software is working, it isn't possible for them to do any video manipulation. 

    Filmora9 gives an answer to that issue. Its rendering ability is quick. If you set it to automatic, it can even be quicker. That is conceivable since it promptly renders any elements you add to your timeline without obstructing or influencing your editing process in any way. This is particularly useful when you are working with various video and sound layers, hence guaranteeing that you don't need to stand by long for your video to finish rendering.

    Quality of Videos

    Things like fisheye and camera shake, when not purposeful, can influence the quality of your video and how your viewers would receive it. 

    To assist you in fixing those and similar kind of issues, Filmora9 has different tools. One of those is video stabilization, which permits you to smooth frames. Doing so is simple; you should simply drag the slider until you hit the correct figure. Whenever that is done, the product drops the video in your media library where you can utilize it for your timeline for additional editing. 

    Another tasteful tool is for the elimination of fisheye called Lens Correction. You just need to change the level of correction and the rest is dealt with by the software. Thus, you can produce videos with consistent effects.

    Ease of Online Sharing

    Sharing your videos online is simple with Filmora9. The platform has all set associations with YouTube and Vimeo so you can transfer your recordings on those platform without switching tabs. Also, you have choices that permit you to tailor your video for your selected video sharing site before you complete uploading it.

    Price: How Much Does Filmora9 Costs?

    What is the price of Filmora 9? How much does it cost? Is Filmora9 completely free? I will try to answer all these queries. To begin with, it is not at all free. However, you will get a free trial period of 30 days. Like I said before, this video editing software has different price plans for individuals, businesses, educators and students. Following are the prices of various plans:



    Individual Annual Plan


    Individual Annual Bundle Plan


    Individual Lifetime Plan

    $59.99/one-time payment

    Basic Business Plan

    $12.99/user/month/annual billing

    Standard Business Plan

    $24.99/user/month/annual billing

    Premium Business Plan

    $57.99/user/month/annual billing

    Student Plan


    Educator Plan

    Contact Vendor

    Below, I have provided details of each and every plans so you can decide which plan best suits you:


    Annual Plan – $39.99/year

    • All Features
    • All Updates
    • No Filmora Watermark
    • Tech Support

    Annual Bundle Plan – $99.87/year

    • All Annual Plan Features
    • Filmstocks Standard Library Access
    • New Effects Monthly

    Lifetime Plan – $59.99/one-time payment

    • All Features
    • All Updates
    • No Filmora Watermark
    • Tech Support


    Basic Business Plan – from $12.99/user/month/annual billing

    • All Editing Tools
    • All Updates
    • Tech Support
    • Company Use
    • Filmstocks Free Library Access
    • Attribution Not Required
    • Multi-user Control
    • Volume Pricing Available

    Standard Business Plan – from $24.99/user/month/annual billing

    • All Basic Business Plan Features
    • Filmstocks Standard Library Access
    • One-on-One Sales Support
    • Flexible Payment Scheme

    Premium Business Plan – from $57.99/user/month/annual billing

    • All Standard Business Plan Features
    • Filmstocks Premium Library Access


    Student Plan – $7.99/month, $15.99/quarter, $31.99/year, or $48.99/one-time payment

    • All Features
    • All Updates
    • No Filmora Watermark
    • Tech Support

    Educator Plan – request pricing information

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