What is Google Trends and How is it Beneficial for Blogging?

What is Google Trends

Do you know what Google Trends is? Do you know how could it be beneficial for bloggers? If not, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will discuss about Google Trends and how it can be useful for bloggers. 

When we write a post for our blog, then we do keyword research before that. Keyword research helps us find such keywords which are most searched word on google and after that we can write blog post targeting that particular keyword. Google Trends helps us to find such similar keywords. We will further learn how it works.

We all know what SEO is and how important it is for blogging. Keyword research is an important part of SEO.

Most bloggers search for Free Keyword Research Tools which helps in choosing the right keywords and then rank their post in the search engine. So, let us know what Google Trends is and how does it work.

    What is Google Trends?

    Google Trends is a tool that records every change over time and shows us graphically. This tool also tells us which keywords have been most searched word on Google by people and from which locations the searches have been made. This helps us to know whether or not we will benefit from using that keyword. It is a very unique tool that also tells the changes that happen over time.

    Formation of Google Trends

    As the name itself suggests, Google Trends is a service launched by the Google platform. It was first started by Google on 5 August 2008 under the name of Google Insights for Search. 

    On 27 December 2012, Google changed Google Insights to Google Trends. It tells us the complete information about the search keywords in Google, category wise. In this way, people associated with every niche can easily find out the trend of their target keyword.

    How does Google Trends Work?

    By the way, there are many tools that you will use for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some of these tools are free while some are paid. If you spend a little time doing keyword research in those tools, then you will be able to know how Google Trends works.

    First of all, you should understand that the paid tools you use to find the keyword or the competitor's keyword also shows us all the data based on trend, search volume and competition.

    Google Trends will give complete information about any keyword from 2004 to just an hour ago. It shows all the information by a graph. You have to put your target keyword in the search query box. Then, you have to select any country you want to check keyword trends. In this, you have to select the time period, how long you want to see the trend as a graph.

    Next, in this, you have to select the category of the keyword. After that, select the platform i.e. image, news, shopping, YouTube, in which you want to see results. This will show you its fluctuations in the graph as a result of that particular time period. In addition, it will also show you related topics and related queries.

    Apart from this, Google Trends also offers another feature which lets you compare between two or more keywords and show them in a graph simultaneously. The graph will be the same, all the keywords will have different lines. Also, the color of the line of each keyword will be different. So in this way you can know the complete history of any keyword.

    Benefits of Google Trends

    This tool greatly benefits every blogger and website owner. The purpose of creating a blog or website is to make it accessible to more people and ultimately, increase the popularity of the blog. This will also result in an increase in revenue.

    So let us know what are the benefits of Google Trends which are important for all the bloggers.

    Keyword Comparison

    You can compare keyword with Google Trends. From this, you can choose the best keyword for your business or blog. In this, you can see which of the different keywords of the same topic has been searched the most. And at the same time, by looking at the past trends, we can also determine the ups and downs of a particular keyword.

    Keyword Interest by Region and Subregion

    There are people in every corner of the world whose choice varies according to their location. If you want, you can easily know their interest with the help of this tool. Suppose you want to bring traffic from US, UK, then you have to know what is trending among the people there. Then you can choose the best keyword, which the people there search the most. 

    Now you can write a post with high-quality content based on the keyword. If you are expert in Search Engine Optimization, then you can bring heavy traffic to your blog from there.

    Real-Time Data

    This tool tracks real-time data according to time which is very beneficial for your business. This shows which topic is most searched on Google today.

    Quality Content Creation

    One of the benefits of Google Trends tool is that it helps to write the best and high-quality content. From here, using the best keywords, you can write high-quality content on the topic that is being most searched on Google. And when the content is of high quality, then traffic will definitely increase in your blog.

    This tool is the solution to every problem of our keyword research. There are countless benefits of using it. This helps in increasing the popularity of the blog and website. Initially, it may take time to use it and learn things. But once you master this tool, then you will become even stronger in SEO.


    In this post, I have tried to explain about Google Trends and its benefits. I hope that you all liked this post.

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