How to Add a Custom Domain in Blogger

How to Add a Custom Domain in Blogger

If you want to give a new identity to your blog, then you have to know How to Add a Custom Domain in Blogger

Now, a question arises. If Blogger or Blogspot is free then why we need to add a custom domain? Although Blogger or Blogspot gives you the opportunity to build your own blog for free, your blog will come with a sub-domain name. For example, if you have created a new blog with the name Blogging Tips, the sub-domain of your blog will somewhat look like, which means your blog address is a subdomain of

Let me tell you what a sub-domain is. When you buy a domain name, you can make many more domains by using it. If your main domain is the parent, then all the sub-domains are his child.

Take our domain name for example. Our domain name is which is the parent domain, then its child domain or sub-domain will somewhat look like:

    Benefits of Using a Custom Domain Name in Blogger

    There are many advantages to using a custom domain name in Blogger. You might be thinking that even though blogger is giving us a domain for free, then what is the need to add a domain. So let us know about it in details:

    1. Professional Look: A sub-domain name is too long, and you cannot remember it quickly. So adding a custom domain will give your blog a professional look and others will be able to remember your domain name more easily.

    2. Alexa Ranking: If you are using a sub-domain name for your blog, then your Alexa Ranking takes a longer time to improve. On the other hand, your Alexa Ranking improves more easily if you use a custom domain name. However, Alexa Ranking depends on various other factors too.

    3. Search Ranking: If someone searches something in Google and your blog shows up in the search result with a domain, then most people prefer not to visit that link. So from this, the ranking of your blog is also reduced by search results.

    How to Add a Custom Domain in Blogger?

    Adding a custom domain name to Blogger is very easy. For this, you must have a domain. I mostly buy my domains from Godaddy. So here I will explain how I add any domain in blogger which I purchased from Godaddy.

    Part 1: Add a Custom Domain

    1) Open in your computer's browser and log in with your Gmail account.

    2) Here, on the blog on which you want to add your custom domain, go to Settings.

    3) Here you have to go to the Publishing section and click in the Custom domain option.

    4) Now you have to enter your purchased domain here. Your domain must be in the format After adding, click on the "Save" button.

    5) Now you will get an error message, "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain." On your domain registrar's website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs: (Name: www, Destination: and (Name: p347obi343af, Destination: gv-gijycixq3d4waw.dv.googlehosted .com). See for detailed instructions." This means that your domain's DNS (Domain Name System) is not set to blogger. Here you will find records of 2 CNAMEs, which you have to add to your domain.

    Part 2: Verify DNS

    Your work with Blogger has just finished. Now you have to go to your Godaddy account and add CNAME.

    1) Go to and login to your account.

    2) After logging in, click on your profile and select "My Products".

    3) In the next page, click on Manage All next to Domains.

    4) Here you will get the list of your domain. The domain you want to add will get 3-dots next to it, select it and click DNS.

    5) In the DNS Management page, you will see the option ADD, click on it.

    6) Now you have to select CNAME in Type and add Part 1 given CNAME. Similarly, you have to add both CNAMEs.

    Part 3: Enable Redirection

    1) Now come back to blogger, save the domain name.

    2) You will see the option of Redirect domain below. Enable it

    redirect blogger custom domain

    It will take a few minutes to connect the custom domain to your blog. For me, it usually takes 5 minutes. After a few minutes, you will be able to visit your blog with your custom domain name.

    Video Tutorial (by Techno Vedant):

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