Blog and Blogging: How to do Blogging?

Blog and Blogging: How to do Blogging?

If you are reading this post, then it means that you have an interest in professional blogging. In today's article, we will know what Blogging is. Whenever we do something professionally, it means that we want to earn well by using our best skills.

Before knowing about Professional Blogging, let me give you a little idea about Blogging. A blog is a kind of website, where people share their knowledge or information.

Every day millions & millions of people search in Google or other14 search engines find the solution to their problems. However, this does not apply the search engines has the solutions to the problems. It just collects information from different blogs and websites and shows you their links.

We can say that people do blogging to share their information. This helps both readers and bloggers (writers).

    What is a Blog?

    A blog or (Weblog) is actually a website that is constantly updated, where new content is often published by Bloggers. The blog is written in an informal or conversational style.

    At the same time, its purpose is to attract more and more people and also to achieve some goal, whether building a large community or growing a business or also to convey the right information to the people. 

    What is Blogging?

    A weblog, which is also called "blog" in shortened form, is actually a web page with its contents or blog posts. At the same time, the task of writing these blog posts is called Blogging. If someone knows how to blogging, it means that he has all those skills which are required to run and control a blog.

    At the same time, by using the right type of tools in your web page, you can get help in writing, blog posting, linking, as well as sharing the content of the blog on the internet. These tools make tasks a lot easier for you.

    Essential Definitions Related to Blogging

    Now, let's discuss some important definitions related to Blogging.

    Definition of Blog

    A blog is an online journal/diary that is available on the Internet for other users to read.

    Definition of Blogger

    Blogger is actually the person who owns that blog. This is the same person who keeps the blog alive by writing new blog posts, new information, case studies, his opinion (vote) etc. from time to time.

    Definition of blog post

    A blog post is basically an article or a piece of content that is written by the blogger in his blog. For example, this article that you are reading now, this is a “blog post” written by me in this blog.

    Definition of blogging

    Blogging means all the tasks that a Blogger does in his blog regularly, such as posting a good informational blog, improving his design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), linking, sharing etc.

    Combination of all these functions is called Blogging. In order to do blogging, you should have all the necessary knowledge. If not, then you can definitely learn them from others.

    Types of blogging

    You must have got a little idea about blogging by now. So, if blogging means sharing knowledge, then what is this professional blogging? Like I told you earlier, if we do something professionally, then it means that we are supposed to earn some income from it. In this way, we can divide blogging into two categories.

    1. Personal or Hobby Blogging
    2. Professional Blogging

    Personal Blogging: Personal or Hobby bloggers are those who have some story or experience to share. It can be about yourself, or about someone else. Here, bloggers do not intend to earn money from blogging.

    They just do blogging as a hobby. At the same time, they do not have a specific strategy or plan. They share without any motive. They simply do blogging as a time pass.

    Professional Blogging: Professional Bloggers are those who earn money by blogging. This is a kind of business for them. Now you must be wondering how these professional bloggers earn.

    So let me tell you that the people who see ads in blogs or websites, these people earn money from those ads. By the way, there are many ways by which professional bloggers generate a lot of revenue from their blog. for example: -
    • Advertising
    • Content subscriptions
    • Membership websites
    • Affiliate links
    • Donations
    • Ebooks
    • Online courses
    • Coaching or consulting

    These are some measures by which they generate income for themselves.

    What is Professional Blogging?

    You must have understood what a blogger is. So let's talk about some basics. Is it possible that someone can do business without planning? No, it is not possible. Professional bloggers have a good and better plan and strategy, through which they earn money from their blog.

    Similarly, a professional blogger is different from a personal blogger. If you have the guts to write, then you can easily enter into the blogging line. But if you want to earn well through blogging, then you need a better plan, dedication, hard work and patience for it.

    Blogging is not like you created a blog today and you will start earning from tomorrow. For that, you need hard work and maximum patience.

    Amit Agarwal, known as the father of Indian Professional Blogging, left his job for blogging. Today, he earns a lot from blogging, which no company could possibly provide him.

    Whoever leaves their job for blogging or considers blogging as their job, either they are earning well through blogging, or they want to.

    If you are doing a job somewhere, then you have to listen to your seniors all the time, you will have to reach the office on time, but this is not the case in blogging. You can do blogging from anywhere and anytime. You will be your own boss. So in this fast-growing technical world, there is no better job than blogging.

    Some Important Tips to Become a Better Professional Blogger

    Here I am going to share with you some tips which are going to help to become a professional blogger. 

    Be Unique

    Uniqueness is a very important part of blogging. This is an important factor for Blogging. If your blog is not unique then people will not like it because there are many blogs which provides the same content and people don't like such articles much.

    And what people will not read what they don't like. So if you want to become a better professional blogger then your blog and its contents should all be unique.

    You have to be Passionate and Patient

    If your goal is only to earn money from blogging then you should probably not do it. There are no shortcuts to achieve success.

    If you want to become a successful professional blogger, then you will have to constantly strive for it, work hard, keep yourself motivated and be passionate for whatever work you are doing.

    Read other blogs

    If you want to be successful in a field, then you have to know about the competitors already in that field. This is also the case for blogging. Here you have to read the blogs of your competitors first, understand what they write and how they write.

    By doing this, you can understand their strategies and use your own mind to prepare your own strategies. Reading and writing are very important in professional blogging.

    Don't be a Copy Cat

    You are already familiar with this matter that on any topic on which you make a blog, there will already be millions of blogs, which will often write similar articles. And in such a situation, if you too start copying from others like them, then you will never be able to do professional blogging.

    Therefore, before writing any new article, gather data about it. For this, you have to do a lot of research. And then give a good shape to your ideas which will provide some valuable information to people.

    Stick to a Particular Niche

    This is the key to blogging. Write articles only on whatever topic or niche you are going to choose. Do not change the topic of articles frequently. By doing this, people lose interest on your blog.

    For example, if you write on Finance, then you should write articles related to the same and not on Cars. If you do this, your Finance audience will not understand the technical articles related to cars and the value of your blog will gradually decrease.

    So it is better to stick to the same niche and keep writing articles. This increases the chances of generating regular & loyal visitors to your blog.

    Contribute to other Blogs Related to your Niche

    Google itself has said that from the perspective of SEO, Guest Blogging is a very good SEO Tactics. This solution is effective as long as you submit better articles in better blogs. This increases the exposure of your blog by several times. People who read these articles will get information about your subject.

    So you will have to prepare a list of top bloggers of your niche and then have to approach them for guest posting which will benefit both of you. This will create a good network for both of you. This will benefit both of you in the long run.

    Increase Income Sources

    If you feel that you are not able to generate sufficient income from your blogs then you will have to increase your income sources.

    This means that you not only have to place ads in your blog, but you can also use other methods like affiliate marketing, banners, promotions, content writing, paid posts, etc.

    Be Consistent

    What bloggers often lag is being consistent. This consistency distinguishes a normal blogger from a professional blogger. Losing traffic in your blog is easier than gaining. So we should do blogging consistently.

    If a blogger consistently writes good posts on his blog, then he can create a good audience for himself, which is very important for his blog.

    Those who have trouble writing daily posts can write 2 to 3 posts a week, this will not reduce their productivity. I believe that special care should be taken for the quality and quantity of posts.

    Establish Yourself well in Social Media

    Do not use social media as just an entertainment item. Think this is a platform where you can use your skills to help others. This will build their trust in you and they will become loyal visitors of your blog.

    Social Media is a place where you can engage people by providing great value. Since there are a lot of people in social media, this will be a very good platform for you to reach your quality audience.

    Set Your Blogging Goals

    If a Blogger wants to become a Professional Blogger, then he has to set Blogging Goals in front of him. This will constantly remind him how close he is to his goals.

    Set goals for yourself at the beginning of the year, you will always remember what you have to do throughout the year. With this, you will be able to become more focused and will keep you motivated.

    Keep Updating Your Blog Regularly

    Everything changes with time and the same is the case with Blogs. The audience always prefers something new and fresh.

    Being a Professional Blogger, you have to constantly update the contents of your blog. By doing this, not only will your audience be indulged, but this will also increase the traffic of your blog to a great extent.

    So, What do these Professional Bloggers actually do?

    Even though it is pleasing for the ears to hear that Professional Bloggers earn a handsome amount per month, but the truth is not as pleasing.

    The life of these professional bloggers is not as comfortable as it is told. Behind this comfortable life, there are many different skills, hard work of many hours, staying up overnight.

    Gradually more and more people are coming online, in such a situation the demand for new content is increasing day by day. Therefore, if you also want to become a professional blogger, then you can also achieve that position with your hard work and the strategies mentioned above.

    Full Information on Blogging

    I hope you have liked this article: What is Blogging. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about professional blogging to the readers so that they do not have to search in any other sites or internet with reference to that article.

    This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write down comments.

    If you liked what this post is about blogging or got to learn something, then please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.    

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